The Amazing Colors of JBTs

Solid Cream Male Shorthair 

CH Kiddlyn's Blue Gene Baby ("Genie") 
Blue-Cream shorthair with green eyes

Genie with her kids - a solid cream & cream and white.

Another photo of Genie and her kids.

CH Kiddlyn's Yorokobi - Tortoiseshell Shorthair 

CH Kiddlyn's Mojo-Ji - Patched Tabby Longhair

Solid Black Longhaired Male Kitten - "Meeko"

Another Photo of Meeko

Blue & White Male Kitten

CH Kiddlyn's Billie Holiday
Blue & White Blue-Eyed Female - Featured in a 2003 Japanese Calendar

CH Kiddlyn's Chairo - Brown Mackerel Tabby Shorthair

Red Tabby & White Odd-Eyed Male - "Nemo"

Red Tabby & White Male Kitten

Mi-ke Harlequin Female

Brown Tabby Longhaired Female

Black & White and Solid Brown Tabby SH's

Red & White Odd-Eyed Male - "Koji"

Black & White Odd-Eyed Van - "Gigi"

Dilute Patterned Mi-ke Blue-Eyed

CH Kiddlyn's Botsubotsu - Dilute Mi-ke Odd-Eyed

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